VIP Kailash Mansarovar Yatra By Helicopter from Nepalgunj -03 Days - 3 Days

Complete your expedition to the Kailash Mansarovar in a private tour in less than 3 days on this VIP Kailash Mansarovar Yatra By Helicopter from Nepalgunj Package


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We have a special tour package for VIPs who can complete entire Kailash expedition in less than 3 days, yes it seems unheard of an astonishing, crafted just for you by Comfort my travel arduous team efforts and remarkable industry experience.

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Day 01: Nepalganj to Simikot By Flight, Hilsa By Helicopter, Purang drive by a luxury vehicle.

After an early piping hot breakfast, you will leave for Nepalgunj airport where you will board the scheduled flight to Simikot (fixed wing aircraft). On arrival at Simikot, a chartered helicopter will ferry the pilgrim(s) to Hilsa. This town has a non-metallic air-strip. From Hilsa you will start a 45-minute trek to the Tibetan Border city Sher, escorted by our Sherpa team. Once you complete your custom and immigration-related formalities at Sher, our vehicles (jeep/bus/van) will take you to Taklakot. At Taklakot (Burang), you will be checked into a comfortable hotel for a relaxed, night halt.

Day 02: Drive to Mansarovar To Darchen To Yumdwar, Kailash and back to Mansarovar

This is the D-day when you will be embarking on Mt. Kailash Yatra. You are about to have you're first ever darshan of the world's most calm and magical Mansarovar Lake. After breakfast we will leave for Chui Gompa (Altitude: 4560 m) by road, negotiating the undulating, picturesque terrain via Rakshas Taal. Once there, you can take a holy dip into the Manas lake, offer your prayers, puja tasks based on your ideologies and practices.

Then we will return to Darchen base camp Of Kailash In luxury vehicle. After reaching Darchen we will do some sightseeing around the town and then reach Yumdwar after reach Yumdwar take the darshan of sacred Mt. Kailash. Then we will return to Mansarovar, you would spend overnight Stay at Mansarovar Or Purang.

Day 03: From Mansarovar to Taklakot to Nepalgunj via Simikot (Helicopter / Flights)

Pat your back and Congratulations! You have completed your Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. After an early breakfast at Taklakot, you will be driven towards China-Nepal border (22 kms). The border is to be mandatorily crossed on foot. After completing all the immigration formalities at the border, you will proceed towards Hilsa (Nepal side). From Hilsa you will take a 25-minute helicopter ride back to Simikot, where you will take another connecting flight to Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj to Lucknow via road journey.

1. VISA & Yatra Permit

2. Currency Exchange support, No exchange fees

3. Vegetarian Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

4. Travel Insurance of 50000 USD

5. Transportation (Flight, Helicopter & Road) during our complete trip.

6. 1 Nepali Tour Guide / Manager, 1 Chinese / Tibetan Tour Guide, Team of Sherpa to carry your
luggage & Cooks to prepare food.

7. Yatra Completion Certificate for Subsidy

8. Gifts (Bag Pack, duffle Bag & other stuff)

9. Down Jacket for Yatra ( to be returned post completion of yatra)

10. Oxygen portalble cylinders , Gamo Bag , oxy meter for emergency use.

11. Accommodation:- Hotels and Guest Houses

12. Pujari , pooja kit and Prasad At lake Mansarovar For pooja and Hawan

13. 3 year Mansarovar Jal Service ( only 1 time /year )

14. Portable toilet At guest Houses

15. Sherpa For carry your luggage/bags

1. Airfare / Rail fare or any other expenses from your home location to Lucknow or Kathmandu.

2. Pony/Porter/Yak etc. for Parikrama (During circumambulate of Mount Kailash).

3. Personal nature expenses such as Phone/Tips/Drinks/Shopping/Laundry etc.

4. The additional cost of Accommodation & Transport on early return due to personal/ or natural problem.

5. Early exit from China border Visa breaks charges as applicable according to China Embassy.

6. Nepal Re-entry Visa fee for NRI.

7. Extra night stays at any location.

8. Additional cost occurs due to any natural calamities/Political Disturbance or any unforeseen circumstances.

9. Any other additional pay if charged by Chinese authorities due to changing in the rule.

10. Government Taxes GST (5%)

11. Medical expenses (if any)

12. Any other expenses which are not mentioned above.

In completing and submitting the Booking Form, you agree to be bound by these
conditions which constitute the agreement between Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. and
you. These conditions apply to the exclusion of any other terms or conditions
unless they are set out in the Booking Form or are otherwise agreed to in writing
by the parties. No claimed variation of these conditions will be effective unless in
writing and signed by a person so authorized by Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd.


Please complete the Booking Form and send it with the NON-REFUNDABLE
Advance Deposit of INR 15,000 per person for Indian nationality or USD 500 per
person for other than Indian nationality.


Amendments must be notified to Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. in written. Each
amendment should be done before 60 days, otherwise an administration fee of
USD 50 | INR 3150 will be applied. All administration fees must be paid before


FULL PAYMENT must be received before 45 days of your departure date. Without
full payment one cannot commence their trip. No Exception Accepted. If you are
paying in Indian Currency, note that the current valuation is 1 USD to 67 INR. If
this exchange rate increases at the time of departure date, then you have to pay
the difference amount.


? (i) Cancellation any time after making the 1st payment installment till the 2nd
payment date: The entire amount paid as 1st payment installment (deposit) would
be non-refundable.
? (ii) Cancellation after 2nd payment installment and before 3rd or final payment
date: The total amount that was due at the 2nd payment installment as per your
payment schedule would be non-refundable; anything that you have paid over and
above this amount would be refundable.
? (iii) Cancellation after 3rd or final payment date: The full amount paid by you would
be non-refundable.
We are not responsible for any cancellation due to any failure Like Visa, Permits
Or of any type of transport we use, loss of earnings, late arrivals or force majeure,
or any circumstance beyond our control, Paid amount will not be refundable in
any circumstances, After booking, if you wish to cancel your trip, you must notify
in written, Once Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. Receives your notice, cancellation will take
effect subject to the following:

  • If cancellation takes place less than 45 days prior to departure due to
  • client’s any problems, all previously paid amount(s) will be forfeited.
  • Clients Agrees that he reserves no right to claim any paid up amount.
  • Cancellation takes place in between 46-90 days prior to departure
  • 75% of your payment will be refund except the non-refundable deposit of USD 500| INR 15000


Declare that:
You are in physically and mentally fit at the me of booking this trip. You have
disclosed to Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. every matter concerning your health and mental
and physical fitness of which you are aware, that is relevant to Comfort Cabs Pvt
Ltd. decision to permit you to go on the trip.


Change the date of departure or conclusion of the trip, or cancel or modify any
routes within the trip or objectives set out in the itinerary, or Modify any aspect of
the trip, or Make a final decision that is binding in case of any differences or
disputes during the trip. Substitute different or equivalent routes within the trip in
place of cancelled or modified routes or Cancel or delay, postpone any such aspect
of the tour if , in the absolute discretion of Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd., it is necessary to
do so due to inclement weather, snow or icy conditions or conditions that are
otherwise likely to be hazardous or dangerous or due to any other adverse or
threatening conditions whether political or military or terrorist or otherwise or if, in
the absolute discretion of Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd., there is a likelihood of any such
event occurring which may impact upon the safety of the participants, or if an act or
omission of a third party prevents the tour or the aspect of the tour being
undertaken in accordance with your booking. In the event of any change,
modification, cancellation, postponement or delay under this condition, you
acknowledge that you will have no right of refund of the tour price (whether in
whole or in part) and no right to claim compensation for any injury, loss or damage
or other additional expenses incurred by virtue of the change, modification,
cancellation, postponement or delay.
Cancel a trip if a participant does not comply with all the formalities required by
Nepalese and Chinese authorities’ en-route. Any participants carrying unlawful
drugs, political propaganda, firearms or pamphlets will immediately be excluded
from the tour without any refund.


It is a mandatory to insured yourself for the full duration of the trip in respect of
illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items and cancellation and


Trip prices includes ground costs, fuel prices, airfares and exchange rates
Company tries its utmost not to increase trip prices (in full or Part), however
Sometimes increases are outside its control. Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. reserves
the right to amend trip prices (or any part) without notice at any me before
and including the departure date. Amendments may be necessitated for many
reasons including, but not limited to, exchange rate fluctuations, increased fuel
costs, airfares, airport charges, increases in ground operator service fees, or the
need to engage alternative air or ground operators. Any increase in trip prices
must be paid prior to the departure date.


Content published by Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd.., the Booking Form and these
conditions of contract are not issued on behalf of, any airline whose services are
used or going to be used in the course of the trip. In the event that an airline's
proposed travel or fare schedule is amended or cancelled, such amendment or
cancellation will not be considered a cancellation of the trip organized by us.

You accept and agree to all risk associated with the journey and further agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. as described herein and
its brochures and publications. In the event of illness, accident, weather, political and any other factors beyond their control, I will not hold Comfort Cabs Pvt Ltd. and
its agents, associates or employees responsible or liable for any damages. I understand I am traveling at my own risk.

Note: - Above terms and conditions are subject to change as the rules of CIPSC, Indian, Nepal and China Government.

There 6 different routes and duration/cost will vary depending on route type:- 1.Ex Lucknow via Helicopter Cost per head - 1.75 lacs INR+ GST Duration - 9D/8N. 2. Ex Kathmandu via Helicopter Cost per head -1.85 lacs INR+GST Duration -11D/10N 3. VIP Yatra - Ex Nepalganj via Helicopter Cost per head - 5.20 lacs INR+ GST Duration - 3D/2N 4. By Road - Ex Kathmandu Cost per head - 1.35 lacs INR+ GST Duration - 14D/13N 5. Ex Kathmandu via Lhasa Cost per person -2.25 lacs INR+GST Duration - 15D/14N 6. Kailash Mansarovar inner and Nandi Kota Yatra Cost per person - 1.80 lacs INR+ GST Duration -18D/17N ** cost are subject to revision as per company discretion

Age recommendation to pursue Kailash Yatra as per statutory guidelines are 10-70 years. Any person undertaking Kailash Yatra should be medically fit with no serious health condition and breathing related issues as this involves trekking and long hours walk. It is at the sole discretion of person whether to take inner Kora Parikrama while on Mansarovar Yatra, however it is easy for most of the pilgrims from blessings of Lord. Note - Local authorities or Govt. or guides may reject a person to undertake Yatra basis the medical fitness and no refund in this case can be claimed from Comfort my travel / associates if rejection is by local authorities / officials.

Pilgrims on sacred journey to Kailash should expect basic accommodation with soul food (vegetarian) and basic facilities. It can be guesthouses, monasteries it basic lodging facility during the yatra. Few good facility hotels are now mushrooming around Nepalgunj, Saga, Burang and Darchen. Around Mansarovar lake there are only tents / Guest houses available with very basic facilities like toilets and normal food. While on treks tents or lodge facility is available.

Generally facilities are very basic and sometimes you might face difficulty to find hygienic and clean toilets Common toilets or public toilets are common sight during your Yatra. Don’t lost hope there are also some good toilet facility near Taklakot, Saga and Darchen region while on Kailash Yatra Indian / western style toilet preference are available for pilgrims having issues with knees or orthopaedic condition , however pilgrims should inform their local guides beforehand so that they will intimate about the availability and places where these facilities are available . During trek to Mt. Kailash / Kora Parikrama / circumambulation there are no toilets available and open air toilets are generally used and dug pit holes toilets are made available.

Breakfast are generally healthy and nutritive like complain, corn flakes, fruits like banana, apples along with tea / coffee. Bread butter and fruit jams are served generally at most parts of the Kailash Yatra. Juices are also made available and as per availability. Lunch-are generally packed hygienically in aluminium foils or paper wrapped and served on sites or during the yatra at various stops. At all places meals are vegetarian or soul food and jain type food. Food packets contains tetra packs - frooti, lime juice, Glucose, tinned pickles , rotis/ poori, seasonal vegetables and tinned sweets. Dinner - is served at sites near any natural water reservoirs like lakes and water is boiled and disinfected using chlorine/ Iodine drops hence safe for drinking. Packets contains - vegetable soups may vary depending on Indian, Chinese type food preferences.

Yes, always soul vegetarian food is served at all places during -Kailash journey without garlic and onion similar to Jain food.

Yes, package drinking water mineral , RO purified potable water is available during Kailash Yatra dee local shops have water bottles available .You may buy as per nerds and carry along while on trek or journey

Yes, Indian origin mobile phones or international roaming activated mobile phones will work. At good hotels you may also get Wi-Fi network for use. Also it is advised to use Watsapp based Voip calling for better coverage and lower tariffs while on Kailash Yatra. You may also get Nepal country SIM card easily from local vendors that will work .

Yes, with Comfort my travel Kailash tours there are various group departures or single person may also complete the yatra without any issues. Depending on your departure dates there are various groups or persons traveling to Kailash from our company and you may get along tour family / friends or relatives as fixed group packages or also chose single person departures and get along with a group we will facilitate the journey at various stages of the tour and will arrange transportation via road or helicopter subject to availability in the specific departure dates. All our departures are guaranteed and any number of person may take part in these departures.

Depending in cost and duration of the tour package chosen by you for Kailash Yatra there are different routes like Ex Lucknow , Ex Kathmandu , Ex Nepalgunj , VIP tours and Road journey or Ex Lhasa number of days and cost will depend . Every route is safe and comfortable with Comfort my travel and wisely chosen for you . To view detailed Yatra dates and day wise planner kindly click on our Yatra schedule on our website .

Yes, anybody pursuing Kailash Yatra need to carry a valid passport and necessary permits to undergo Kailash Yatra which is located in autonomous region of China .

There are circulars and guidelines issued by Chinese authorities and rules are revised time to time basis , Comfort my travel will facilitate in getting permits and visa after receiving complete payments from your end receiving necessary documents . There is Chinese embassy at New Delhi for Indian nationals and for foreign nationals there is embassy at Kathmandu. We help you get all approvals and proper visa/ permits timely. Get in touch with our Travel counsellor for updates rules for getting Visa.

Yes, even if you have a Chinese visa on your passport you need to bring your original passport to designated Chinese Embassy in order to get approved in Group visa. Authorities will validate and provide group permits to pursue Kailash Yatra.

Here is a list Valid passport, voter ID ( Indian nationals ) Latest Colored photos - 6 Travel insurance & medical insurance Medical fitness certificate

Madness, Craziness and faith in yourself is the ultimate pass to Kailash Yatra for most of the pilgrims. Yes medical fitness is required to be able to complete the yatra so you should ideally get all your medical tests done and any serious medical ailment should be first taken care of. People allergic to dust and asthmatic should take necessary precautions like wearing a mask or carry along inhalers as recommended by doctor. People suffering from back ache should carry less weight on their shoulders while trekking / walking and take necessary rest. People undergone surgery should be completely recovered and precautions should be taken while on the journey. It is always a matter of faith to reach Kailash. Try yoga, brisk walking and exercises in order to get yourself prepared for the most important journey of your life.

Blood test, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, ECG are some basic tests which are recommended. Depending on age or physical status of a person, we recommend that he should get examined by a recognised medical practitioners thoroughly. It is the sole responsibility of the traveller to ensure that he/she is fit to undertake this trip. If our company found out that any pilgrim is unfit to undergo journey ahead. We may ask the person to de-board immediately and there will no refund / compensation will be provided for any services. We will provide all support however costs should be borne by the Traveller for any medical assistance or attention for the treatment of any.

Yes, portable small size oxygen cylinders are made available and always available with our crew members / guides / Sherpas during trekking and long walk. Oxygen cylinders can be bought from the local markets at Burang for emergency usage. During Kailash Yatra tour in Tibet our crew members also have pillows / cushions / masks and basic emergency medical kits available with them so ask for it if required.

Yes , we provide all possible support during any kind of medical emergency from ground ambulance to admission to nearest well equipped hospitalisation if need be . Recognised doctors and required medical aids will be facilitated, however our company Comfort my travel will not be responsible for medical bills/ costs/ medicines / charges which should be sole responsibility of the traveller and we advise travellers to have deep pockets with sufficient money / cash to overcome any medical emergency.

Yes, it is recommended to have a handsome insurance cover for medical and travel in case of any unforeseen events. Pls get insurance from a reputed company and read the terms and conditions before buying. Check the insured amount, one time premium cost, routes covered and what is not covered. We provide assistance is buying a good travel / medical insurance pls get in touch with our counsellor for details.

Few Tips to save your hard earned money. Indian currency (?) in big/ small denominations are widely accepted around Nepal region. 2000 currency notes are currently out on hold so read updated official government rules around the same. It is advised that you should carry sufficient amount of Chinese currency (Yuan) while on Tibet region of Kailash Yatra . Currency exchange is available at Kathmandu, Nepal and Burang (Chinese side). In order to avoid high currency rates and exchange charges our company Comfort my travel provides currency exchange at nominal fees pls contact your travel representative for detailed information. Our website have all information around the same. USD (US $) are also widely accepted at all major points however it is advised to carry along (US $) and check before buying for places where they are accepted.

Kailash Yatra starts from April- Sept every year and climate is good for pursuing holy Yatra. For Yatra schedule and fixed departure calendar dates pls click on our website link for Kailash Yatra 2019. Kindly be aware that weather around Tibet region is very uncertain and changes rapidly so there might be delays due to bad climate like flights / Helicopter Yatra / roads at any time we as responsible tour operator takes necessary precautions and plan accordingly however sometimes delays due to weather are beyond our control so there might be delays due to weather / authorities.

Booking starts at minimal cost of only ? 15000 and rest amount can be paid in advance as defined in booking form. In order to book few documents are required in order to confirm your enrolment. 1. Copy of valid passport 2. Recent color photo for Visa 3. Duly filled booking form and consent for acceptance of terms and conditions 4. Booking Amount conformation Various modes of payment are available:- Online bank transfer Digital wallets Credit cards / Debit cards / Net banking Payment gateway on our website Cash at our company office Kindly get in touch with our travel expert for all modes of payments.

You may want to research for various private and govt. agencies conducting Kailash tours every year. It should be convenient, pocket-friendly and hassle-free and tour operator should have good reputation for arranging Kailash Yatra and a success story. Experience does always matters. Read the company profile and talk to our experts for Kailash Yatra detailed info. Comfort my travel carries of over 5 years of successful Kailash tour campaigns.

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